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Definition of a ‘Multidenominational School’ in a Designated Community College.

Causeway Comprehensive is a designated Community College. Designated Community Colleges are established by the signing of a model agreement between an ETB and the local Catholic Bishop and/or a religious congregation. Kerry ETB is the patron of the school. The model agreement provides for the participation of the Presentation Order in the organisation and management of the community college on an ongoing basis.

Causeway Comprehensive was established in 1973 in a spirit of partnership between Kerry ETB and the Presentation Order. The inherited traditions, values and founding intentions of Kerry ETB and the Presentation Order remain enshrined in the characteristic spirit and in the life of our school.

ETB schools are state, co-educational, multi-denominational schools underpinned by the core values of:

  • Excellence in Education
  • Care
  • Equality
  • Community
  • Respect

All members of our school community are treated equally, regardless of their race, gender, religion/belief, age, family status, marital status, membership of the Traveller community, sexual orientation, ability or socio-economic status. In our school all students are given equal opportunity for enrolment, in line with the Education (Admissions to School) Act (2018). Once enrolled, our school strives to provide all our students with equal opportunities to engage with the curriculum and school life. Causeway Comprehensive provides a safe physical and social environment that reinforces a sense of belonging to the school community and wider society. We strive to enable every student to realise their full potential regardless of any aspect of their identity or background. Our school promotes a fully inclusive education which recognises the plurality of identities, beliefs and values held by students, parents and staff. We prepare open-minded, culturally sensitive and responsible citizens with a strong sense of shared values.

Our school is multi-denominational. We welcome, respect and support students of all religions and beliefs. The provision of religious education, religious worship and the work of the Chaplain all combine to reflect the founding intention of the school, the school’s mission statement and the needs of the students within the school. The characteristic spirit of the school finds practical expression through the provision of pastoral, liturgical and social outreach activities, as appropriate, for each student.

Causeway Comprehensive School’s Mission Statement

The schools mission statements states that “our school welcomes each student into a friendly, caring and supportive community, where we recognise that each young person is unique and has different talents and different needs. In partnership with parents, we promote a multi-denominational ethos, and nurture a positive self-image in students. This enhances their self-confidence and allows them to realise their full potential. We provide a well-balanced educational programme, so that each student can develop skills and attitudes that will allow them to grow into mature, responsible, well-rounded individuals capable of living fulfilling lives and of making a worthwhile contribution to society”.

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