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LC 2023 update

Update August 23rd 2023 ref access to Leaving Cert. results

Arrangements for access to Leaving Certificate results
Accessing Results – Candidates
All Leaving Certificate candidates will have access to their provisional Leaving Certificate
results on line on the Candidate Self Service Portal at 10am on Friday 25 August.

Candidates can view their results and will also be able to save and/or print a Statement of Provisional Results.

Candidate will need their examination number and the password they entered when they register.

To access Portal , click on link below

Candidates can view their results and will also be able to save and/or print a Statement of Provisional Results.

Click here to login CSSP 2023.

Candidate can also receive their results in the school from 10am to 12noon

Key dates for the stages following the issue of results including access to data, viewing of scripts
and appeals

Screenshot 2023-08-23 220451.png


• The facility to view examination scripts is provided free of charge. The fee to appeal a result is
€40 per subject for Leaving Certificate and €15.50 per subject for Leaving Certificate applied. The
fee is refunded in the case of a successful appeal.
• To provide for the earliest possible issue of the appeal results, the timelines for candidates to
apply to view scripts and to lodge their appeal applications are very short. To ensure that the
remaining stages of the appeals process can be completed as quickly as possible, the deadlines
will be strictly applied.
• Candidates should take note of these dates. Schools are also asked to alert candidates to the
timeframes in order that candidates do not miss the opportunity to apply to view their scripts or
to make an application to appeal.
• The SEC will not accept late applications for viewing or for appeals

Some preliminary details of the appeals process that will operate this year.

Access to Data.
On Tuesday 29 August at 12 noon candidates will be able to access more detailed information about
each of their examination results including the overall marks that they achieved in the examination;
the individual marks in each components of a subject, and details of the any post marking adjustment
to these marks. This data is intended to help candidates to understand how they performed in the
examinations and may be of assistance to any candidates considering an appeal.

Viewing of Scripts
The Viewing of Scripts process is a core part of the SEC’s examination appeals and quality assurance.
It allows candidates to see how the marking scheme in each subject has been applied to their scripts
and to make an informed decision as to whether or not to make an appeal.

Applying to View
Applications to view Leaving Certificate examination scripts must be made by candidates through
the Candidate Self Service Portal between 5pm on Tuesday 29 August and 8pm m on Wednesday
30 August.

Leaving Certificate Applied applications must be made by email. Candidates will be provided with
an LCA Viewing Application Form on the Candidate Self Service Portal which should be emailed to The same application timeline applies to LCA as to Leaving
Certificate; all applications must be made before 8pm on Wednesday 30 August.

There are two different processes this year for viewing of scripts depending on how the script was
a) Viewing online through the Candidate Self Service Portal
b) Viewing in-person in schools

It is important to note that candidates may have to attend school to view some of their scripts and
use the portal to access others.


Updated June 2nd 2023

Please click on link Below to read the information guide for 2023 Leaving Certificate exam

Leaving Certificate Candidate information Guide 2023


Updated May 25th 2023

Junior Cycle & Leaving Certificate examinations 2023

As you are aware, the Examination Commission have migrated to online marking of candidates’ examination answers on a phased basis over the last number of years. They have found this to be a very positive experience for all, including for examiners in the marking of scripts and for Junior Cycle & Leaving Certificate candidates when it comes to the viewing of scripts.

They have prepared a short video which sets out some very important information to candidates in relation to the completion of their examinations.

The video contains key messages for candidates including:

  • how they should provide key information on the front cover of their answer books that is essential to ensure their scripts are processed accurately and effectively;
  • and the correct writing instruments that they should use in the examinations to ensure examiners can read their complete scripts.

This video can be found under the heading “Information for Candidates” at

State Examinations timetables are also available by clicking on the above link.


Updated - March 16th 2023

State Exam Fees 2023 -

The Government’s announcement on 21 February 2023, of a wide range of once-off measures to assist with increased cost of living pressures, includes the waiving of the 2023 Examination Entry Fees. Students sitting the examinations this year will not have to pay Examination Entry fees, which in 2019 were €116 and €109 for the Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle examinations respectively.
Examinations Appeal Fees will be charged in 2023 at a rate of €40 per subject at Leaving Certificate (established); €14.50 per subject at LCA; and €32 per subject at Junior Cycle. This fee is refunded in the event of a successful appeal.


The State Examinations Commission (SEC) as part of its digital strategy, introduced a facility to allow Leaving Certificate candidates to confirm their subject and level entry details online (including adding or withdrawing from subjects). The use of the online system, the Candidate Self Service Portal (CSSP) will continue for the 2023 Leaving Certificate.

The portal opened at 1pm Wednesday 8th February for candidates to confirm their subject entries and levels.

It will remain open for this purpose until 5pm Tuesday 21st February.

It is essential that students register through the Portal as this Portal will provide candidates with the opportunity to confirm that their personal details are correct (i.e. Name and Date of Birth), their subject choice and levels, registration will also allow future access to their results and for the later stages of the process such as the appeals application process. During this time Leaving Certificate Applied Year 2 (LCA2) candidates will be required to register and create their account.

Please click on the link below and register and follow instructions

Click here to login CSSP 2023.

Reviewing and Confirming Subjects and Levels.

The portal will be pre-populated with the data entered by schools through the PPOD October returns process (i.e. Names, Date of Births, Subjects & Levels). This means that only those subjects which candidates have been studying in schools will be displayed on the portal.

It is extremely important at this stage that schools engage with candidates regarding their selection of their level in each subject at this time. Candidates should be advised by their teachers to select the level at which they are currently studying each subject. The SEC will use this information for planning purposes. We will also provide this information to schools through a turnaround document for review. Candidates will be permitted to change levels in the written examinations on the day of the examination, as in previous years.

Candidates will have the opportunity to add any subjects that they are studying outside of school or to delete subjects if they are no longer intending to present for examinations in particular subjects.

It is extremely important that candidates take the time to ensure that their examination entries are correct on the portal before they submit. Once a candidate has confirmed their subjects and levels on the portal they will not be able to log back into the portal to update their data. Candidates will receive a confirmation email outlining the subjects and levels they are entered for. If a candidate notices an error on their confirmation email they must contact the school in relation to the error.

Reviewing and Confirming Name and Date of Birth

For 2023, a new feature has been added to the CSSP. If the prepopulated name and date of birth is incorrect, candidates will have an opportunity to update their record on the CSSP during the registration process. Once they have completed the registration process they will not be able to log back in to update.

Role of Schools in Checking and Confirming the Information Updated by Candidates

When the candidate entry confirmation process on the CSSP has concluded, the SEC will provide schools with a report of the entries(Matrix) for the candidates in the school for review and confirmation. For data and examinations integrity reasons, schools will also be issued with a turnaround document for verification in respect of any candidates who have updated their names and/or date of births. Having this data captured accurately now will reduce our requirement to contact schools and candidates in the summer period.

Access to the Portal

Leaving Certificate candidates will access the portal at from Wednesday 8 February at 1pm. A CSSP Before You Start Guide 2023 will be provided which candidates should read before commencing the process. To access the portal, candidates will need the following:

  • their examination number (The SEC provided these to schools before Christmas)
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN will be the first 4 digits of the candidate’s Personal Public Services Number (PPS number). In the event that a candidate does not have a PPS number or a PPS was not recorded a unique PIN will be created and issued to the school prior to the portal opening.
  • an email address and mobile phone number to which the candidate will have regular access to over the coming months.

There is a helpdesk support available for candidates at 1800-111135 or 1800-111136 between 9am to 5pm until Tuesday 21st February. Outside of these hours you can email

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